05-10-2017 | Fundació Vilacasas, Barcelona, Spain

Lita Cabellut is a prolific creator and even this large exhibition only includes a small part of the immense oeuvre that she has produced over the last decades. This exhibition incorporates a selection of her main series: Disturbance- Blind Mirror- Black Tulip- Dried Tear- After the Show- Camaron- Memories Wrapped in Gold Paper- Coco- Frida- Madness and Reason- Disturbance- Country Life- State of Grace-Installations- Tempus & Divine- Ethics. As stated by the art critic Daniel Giralt-Miracle, who wrote the text in the exhibition catalogue, “All her work has a deep psychological root, whereby the physical and metaphysical meet, and confront and oppose each other. Moreover, all of them are related to diversity, a diversity that she defends through this privileged medium that is art, and in which she mainly uses human figures to express the moods they find themselves in, through the body and its clothing…She is an artist who, through her compositions, reflects the heartbeats of her own existence, and an acute sensitivity, and reveals new mutations and creations…she will always do it located in two extremes: the raw descriptiveness of Goya and the charm, beauty, and intimacy of Vermeer”.

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