Fur & Feathers

09-11-2022 | Opera Gallery | London | UK

Fur & Feathers | November 9th – December 4th, 2022

With this exhibition, Lita Cabellut intends to symbolize sensation, skin, and perception through touch. Skin is exposed to the outside, light, darkness, pain, and pleasure, and it is this very surface that the artist wants to render tangible through the surface of her own canvas. “Fur & Feathers” take qualities from the animal realm to symbolize our human skin, and how it also primitively feels the world through sensation, intuition, and universal wisdom that pervades nature as its whole. Animal skin is also synonymous with renewal and rebirth - figures that shed old skin and crawl into a new one, bidding farewell to the past - which illustrates the artist’s attachment to renewing herself. The image of the animal, parallel with striking portraits, is metaphoric and full of meaning, as can be found in mythology.

Regina (2022), is a mixed media canvas that beautifully displays a flamingo spreading its wings in front of the young lady as if it had sprung from her heart. Freedom and lightness through birds have always been exemplified in common imagery, who also symbolizes the possibility of escape, the perspective of a new horizon. The artist has always admired birds - for her, they have the ability, without any shame or guilt, to say goodbye to their feathers every year to renew themselves, to adapt their plumage to their new circumstances and capabilities. It also signifies her desire to let go of what she had learned, and what she had conventionally been taught what good and bad art was.

We look forward to welcoming you Opera Gallery’s Burlington Arcade pop-up gallery, hosting the beautiful Lita Cabellut’s exhibition, before settling in their grand new space under renovation.

Opening hours: 10 am to 7 pm Address: Unit 6 Burlington Arcade, 51 Piccadilly, London W1J 0QJ

More info: Website Opera Gallery