Color of Dew

14-03-2016 | Opera Gallery Dubai, Dubai, UAE

In "Colour of Dew" series, Lita Cabellut combines the tantalizing beauty of femininity with the intuitive effects of colour. Presenting these women in front of a spectacular colour palette, Cabellut uses elements of illusion to overlook doubt, pain, and longing in the eyes of his subjects. Her charge of beauty is immortalized, but the elements of pleasure and pain come together to examine our inherent attraction to imperfection. "Colour of Dew" confronts our immediate emotional responses to elements, contrasting colours. Lita Cabellut has used the power of painting as an optical illusion device, testing the depth of perception of the viewer through interpretive layers that one only has to look deeper to find. Lita Cabellut metaphorically reminds us that we must delve into the colour of the soul, "Colour of Dew" as a syntax of form and thought.

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