06-03-2021 | La Barraka -La Cama Sol editions- Spain

Lita Cabellut launched a new literary project with the work (A)Mar. In 2020 she started working in this artist's book inspired by a text, a short novel by the writer, poet, and novelist Javier Santiso.

Published in La Barraka, which is a hallmark of the publishing house La Cama Sol. A single book, very few units, a love story. In this case, there are only 30 copies, all signed, numbered, and intervened by Lita Cabellut.

The life of (A)Mar had to be indissoluble, the novel and the work of Lita Cabellut had to live sewn together, loving each other forever and this is how this beautiful bibliophile edition arose. Everything it contains is loved, chosen, cared for, and finally intervened on the cover by Lita Cabellut in her studio in The Hague.

In this artist's book, there is also another artist and architect, who joined the project: Charles Villeneuve. Charles fell in love with the work and the text and so he created a box, a chest, of oak wood to protect the book, the work, and thus the whole project was completed.

The book/work includes the reproduction of 10 paintings of Lita Cabellut, it has a size of 290 x 300 mm.

More info:

Link: La Cama Sol Link: (A)Mar Video Link: Charles Villenueve’s chest creation